Transformation Your Gift

Sylvia Bryden-Stock

RGN ONC SCM NDN Health Ed Cert

Reiki Master Teacher

Accredited Master Coach

One Upon ATime........


A baby was born looking like a skinned rabbit who began to dream of great things ahead - a nursing career just like daddy's grandmother. A sickly child, I was told " You can forget about that!"

Determination took over and life progressed with a dream fulfilled in a successful nursing and medical industry career plus health challenges healed with dietry change. 

Migration to Holistic skills led to Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Chanelling gifts.

Oh, yes, there were emotional challenges and deep work on myself as I put old fear based living firmly behind and slowly but surely re-prgrammed my mind. 

‚ÄčI worked with great teachers such as  - Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Andy Harrington, T.Harv Ecker, Nick James to learn great techniques to hone my skills

Living from my inner spirit was the key to success as gifts to humanity were to manifest.

A Passion arose from deep within to help humanity find and dust the "real person" off from the shelf.

Transformation comes first from within - that is the message to mankind that I bring.

I've been to the depths and risen up high - so now it's your turn to rise up and fly!


Sylvia at Thinking Into Results

with Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher

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